Biography – the whole story

Sunny Summer Banks of the Olentangy River in Ohio
Christine Ranck, PhD, grew up on a woodsy bank of the Olentangy River in Ohio, and engaged joyfully throughout her childhood with a seemingly mystical world of woodland creatures, where every day brought a new adventure. Here, armed with her favorite tools, a chemistry set and a magic kit, she ignited her lifetime fascination with the intersection of the worlds of science and mysticism.

An “accidental” teen discovery that Christine could sing led her to first spend many splendid, adventurous years as a professional singer, appearing on and off Broadway and in nightclubs all over the US and Europe. With Alaska Repertory Theater, she performed in the first-ever theatrical tour of the Arctic Circle (in winter), where she noticed you can throw a cup of hot water into the air and it magically just disappears.

Her nightclub act, “It’s Just a Fantasy,” played in New York for 2 years and was filled with magic tricks and a parakeet that flew around the room. She was a back-up singer for Barry Manilow and Eddy Arnold, and in an opening act for comedian Jackie Mason. An accomplished musician (piano, violin, guitar) and studio singer, Christine was the voice of Olivia Newton-John and others on sound-alike albums, and sang on jingles, movie soundtracks and CDs.

Her vocal trio, The Janes, combines the considerable performance talents of Christine Ranck, Patti Wyss and Sula Haska.

The Rearview Mirrors currently tours and performs nationally.

Find more samples of their lively performances here.

Christine Ranck with Orangutan
Christine’s deep connection with the animal world led her to be an Earthwatch volunteer at Camp Leakey on the remote Sekonyer River in the jungles of Borneo (an island of Indonesia.) At a rehabilitation camp for ex-captive orangutans founded by world-famous primatologist, Dr. Birute Galdikas, she bathed in the river, tracked and studied wild orangutans in their natural habitat with the assistance of the Dayaks, an indigenous formerly head-hunting jungle tribe, and assisted in the rehabilitation of illegally captive orangutans back into the wild. There she watched as Princess, an adolescent female orangutan, mimicked human females by lathering up with soap at the river and shaving her legs with a razor she stole from camp.

It was upon becoming a psychotherapist, however, that Christine embarked on the greatest adventure of her life, when, once again, science intersected with magic. After an unspeakable amount of school, she specialized in working with survivors of profound trauma as well as in creativity and performance enhancement for artists and performers. Using EMDR, a highly effective trauma therapy, with her clients, Christine often saw results that astounded her. Adaptations to this process seemed to give her clients access to creative parts of themselves that had always been there but hidden away because of trauma, secretly blocking them from getting what they wanted. Once fully reconnected with themselves, their transformation became more a process of refocusing on what was already there inside them. Combining these observations with her study of quantum physics and holograms (see Hologram Mystery Story on this site), Christine realized that her clients were literally making quantum leaps (moving without traveling), and she set about to creatively heighten those results. Ignite the Genius Within, developed in collaboration with co-author Christopher Nutter, brings this unique process to the general public.

Christine is a sought-after corporate motivational speaker and seminar leader on the topic of freeing creativity for a wide range of organizations. In addition, she is a self-defense trainer and vocal advocate of self-defense training for women.

She was a founding board member for what is now a national self defense organization called Prepare/Impact. In that role she has appeared on many national talk shows including “Rolanda” and “The Today Show.” She is part of a select team of volunteers who give daily educational tours of Ground Zero as part of Tribute NYC, a visitor and learning center.