FREE Downloadable Soundtrack for Registered Workshop Participants

You arrived here because you registered for one of Dr. Ranck's Brainspotting Workshops.  So, first let us thank you for registering! We look forward to working with you.

Below is a link for a free download of the 60-minute copy of Into The Waves by Christine Ranck.  This is provided as a perk for registering for Dr. Ranck's workshop. 

The beautiful ocean sounds continue for 60-minutes to allow an uninterrupted bilateral experience to last through a typical Brainspotting session.

You will need to go through the checkout process, but you will not be charged for this download.

The system allows you 5 attempts to download the full Soundtrack.  If, however, you have trouble with the download, please contact Dr. Ranck's webmaster, Valli by email at Create@ValliKeller.com

Download Free 60-minute bilateral music