Ignite The Genius Within

Jump start hope, kick your creativity into high gear, and explode your definition of the possible!

Ignite The Genius Within is a self-improvement book like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard. This is a book and audio production that bring an insight-boosting method to change the way you think and maximize your creative potential.

Recommended by the American Psychological Association, Ignite The Genius Within works on two different levels.

  1. Powerful images accompanied by penetrating questions challenge you to think deeply and concentrate on our ideas and beliefs.
  2. Then the soundtrack uses bilateral music and sounds that resonate from one side of your headphones to the other. The movement stimulates both sides of your brain which not only relaxes you, it also stimulates creativity.

When asking the brain to work differently, new neural networks and thought pathways form.  You begin to see events and ideas through different lenses.

The unique Ignite The Genius Within process heightens awareness and mindfulness and allows users the rare opportunity to take control of and live the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Ignite the genius you’ve always had within you!


“There are so many times in my life as an artist when I have no idea what to do next. IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN provides so many intriguing ways to move you forward and get you beyond that moment of creative panic.”

Laurie Anderson

Musian, Artist

“Dr. Christine Ranck is a contemporary Renaissance woman! IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN makes the mysteries of the creative process accessible in a way that is entertaining, inspiring and healing. Highly recommended!”

Michael J Gelb

Author, How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci

“With this revolutionary book, Ranck and Nutter offer up a profound tool for anyone feeling stuck in life or art. It is impossible to open IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN without experiencing a seismic shift in how you are thinking, feeling, and ultimately creating. Grab your headphones, flip to any page and prepare to grow beyond where you even thought possible.”

Sir Ken Robinson

Educator, Author, Philosopher

“When you realize that you are the one writing the story behind the images in IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN, you begin to see that you are the one writing the story of your whole life.”

Carlos Leon


“When you realize that you are the one writing the story behind the images in IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN, you begin to see that you are the one writing the story of your whole life.”

Debra Jo Rupp

Actress, That 70's Show

“With this revolutionary book, Ranck and Nutter offer up a profound tool for anyone feeling stuck in life or art. It is impossible to open IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN without experiencing a seismic shift in how you are thinking, feeling, and ultimately creating. Grab your headphones, flip to any page and prepare to grow beyond where you even thought possible.”

Emma McLaughlin

Author, The Nanny Diaries

There’s a new experience waiting for you!

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Ignite The Genius Within

Amazon Reviews

“A breakthrough book on unlocking your potential!”

“Within five to ten minutes, following very minimal instructions, I found myself lost in an exercise for almost an hour which freed me from a persistent blockage to personal growth that I had carried with me all my life. I had been in therapy for 25 years and done all kinds of exercises to lose this albatross that was dragging me down. It was gone in an hour using the simple technique described in the book!  Thank you Dr. Ranck for synthesizing the science and metaphysics that are the key to this technique and making it so accessible for the average person. ”     T.Collins


“A Guidebook to the inner journey!”

“Ignite the Genius Within is an outstanding guide book for that inner-journey. Christine Ranck and Christopher Lee Nutter do not tell readers how to feel or how they should feel about their discoveries. They ask simply that you discover and that you recognize that reality, and therefore, our happiness come not from without, but from within. This is not a traditional self-help book with cut and dried recipes for success and happiness. I highly recommend this book to those about to begin the inner journey to those who are a long ways down the (never-ending) path.”     Austin

“This book is a gift!”

“Dr. Christine Ranck has given us a book that we can pick up at any time and take ourselves into our vast unconscious, where our creativity is waiting for us. Christine Ranck, herself, is ignited!!”     Helene Adrienne

“Relaxation at a new level!”

The photos in this book along with the music (which is included) bring your mind to another place. I find myself able to relax and look at things so differently. ”     Jpetrn


“This book was definitely worth getting!! As long as you are open to it and looking to gain self awareness, you will get so much out of it!”     Lauren H

“The new sensation!”

“This book is fantastic–it opened my mind up to new insights and revelations. The exercises are terrific and inspiring and you can pretty much pick it up, open to any page and get to it.”     James A. Rocco

“Five minute miracle!”

“By taking just a few minutes daily, you can expand your consciousness and become more keenly aware of the unlimited possibilities within you. Great fun and beautiful artwork! I bought several copies for friends, and as a therapist, I recommend it to my clients too.”     Jodie P

"This book is amazing"

“This book is amazing–I’ve never seen anything else like it out there! I gave up on self-help books a while ago because they never really helped me solve any of my problems. But this book is totally different. I carry it around with me all the time. I have to be creative at work, so it’s my new secret weapon. I highly recommend it!”     Radical Renoir

“Ignites the genius within”

“I have used “ignite the genius within”, for about a month now. The results are magical. Most notable are the changes that I have seen in my self at work. The real magic is that not only were there definite changes in me…my co-workers have all noted the “positive changes” in the atmosphere at work! In today’s fast paced lifestyle….with everything being thrown at us so fast….we need a quick, realistic solution that works. Buddhist meditation, helped me to a certain point in this path, but “ignite”, uses modern technology, and psychology to bring about positive results fast. I recommend this program heartily! Thank you Christine for making this affordable to every one….you have given us all a gift!”     Elle

“Superb book sparks creativity and healing.”

“By far the biggest benefits in working with Igniting the Genius Within were greater creativity and focus. I found several of the images triggered spontaneous short stories, poems and even one idea and the early work for a longer work of fiction. Also, while this isn’t specifically mentioned in the benefits of the soundtracks and book, I personally experienced lowered stress and increased focus after working with the soundtrack and book. I now use the soundtrack whenever I have to write, to shut down my “inner critic” and to allow the thoughts to flow easily and naturally onto the paper. I definitely recommend Ignite the Genius Within to anyone who works in a field where creativity is a necessity. It is a wonderful resource.”     Tracy Riva

“Truly an amazing tool to access your subconsciousness creativity”

“If you loved “The Secret” but feel like you still need a workbook to help you exercise your creative mind muscles and turn up the volume on your intuition so you can focus more clearly on creating what you desire, this brilliant little book is the workbook you’ve been seeking. This book affirms for me that I am indeed a genius with the potential to create the life I desire if only I can be open and focused enough to allow it to happen. Sometimes what happens is fun and sometimes it’s painful, but it’s always illuminating!”     TDupree

“Amazing Experience, highly recommended”

“I was amazed by how much this book taught me about thinking and solving problems, and about experiencing life instead of just moving from task to task. Highly recommended, particularly for the over achiever, who will learn about what really matters. Congratulations to the authors on an amazing book, it would make a great gift for anyone going through a life change or planning one, like a graduation, a job change, or retirement. So many possibilities out there, we only need to know how much awaits us!”     NY Believer

“Brilliant, unique book”

“I have never seen a book of this kind. It goes directly to the reader’s experience and allows for the unfolding of new potentials and awareness in a way that is unique, immediate and like having a personal session. Because this book is experiential, each person will come away with their own individual experience that furthers their personal growth and development. A much needed addition to the body of “self help” literature, this book taps into the brilliance of our unconscious to make profound changes at a deep level. I will be using Ignite the Genius Within with clients in my private practice of therapy in individual and group settings and will recommend this book not only to clients, but also to friends and family.”     Deborah Antinori

"Get Ready For An Experience!"

“This book simply cannot be “read” with the thinking mind! There are experiences in here waiting to take you for a ride to discovering the vastness of your own unexplored internal worlds. It offers the opportunity to bring the light of one’s awareness, with a gentle invitation to see and feel the world (the external and your internal one) anew. Get the book, download the soundtrack and get ready to be transformed from the inside out!”     Pramilda

“Creative Genius”

“This book and free soundtrack is a multi-media experience like no other. It bridges the gap between our right and left-brain thinking and opens up a whole new window of creativity. It is a quantum leap in our perception and consciousness – a must-have for anyone and everyone in a creative career. It helps increase focus, it inspires, it fills gaps and it creates. ”     Pearse

“Mind expanding”

“…A fascinating experience, with the photo I chose effortlessly giving rise to some powerful and affecting imagery. In all the experience was quite amazing and left me thinking about it for hours afterwards. I’m really looking forward now to further mental adventures with the book and audio. Thanks to the author for something truly different and mind expanding!”     Bookmaven

A Universe of Possibilities

Every human heartbeat contains a whole universe of possibilities.  We already have everything we need inside each of us, but we have all lost touch with our limitless nature, mostly because of trauma, and because of what we’re taught.  Traumatic events, especially in childhood, cause us to shut down, and cut off our feelings when they are too overwhelming.  Our genius mind/body system is designed to do exactly this in order to protect us from being shattered.  And very early we learn — from our parents, schools and religions — that some things about us are just not acceptable.  We must then hide our “unacceptable” parts from the world, but we also have to hide them from ourselves.  As we detach from all that we are, we soon believe that we are not enough.  From there, it is only a short step to believing that we don’t have enough.

And that has been the greatest disaster in all of human history.

What you know of the “outside world” is experienced through the prism of one central idea, that there is not enough — not enough land, not enough nature, money, power, time.  But that belief doesn’t actually stem from a lack of resources — for the world is stunningly bountiful.  Rather, we project our traumatized human sense of incompleteness and disconnection onto the world, and it becomes all we see.  Instead of infinite, we feel small and finite.  And the world reflects it.

Therefore one answer to the world’s problems is to stop feeling deprived.

Both you and the world are exactly as abundant as you feel.  Do you want to live consciously or unconsciously?  Only fear stops us from knowing ourselves.  To know the truth, close your eyes, be still, and experience yourself.  Resolve the trauma and internal conflicts that keep you paralyzed.  Ignite the genius within.  When you have reassembled all the parts of you, you will remember who you are.  You will see that the only distance between you and paradise is in your ability to see it.

So you’re already there!

When we each individually and collectively begin to recognize our limitless nature, and allow ourselves to be it all, we will start to see a different picture:  the awesome beauty and abundance in the world.  Our experience of “the world” will change.  It will literally transform into a different place just by our shift in awareness and attitude.  As we raise our conscious awareness of our own power, this can become our future.

There will finally be enough.